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Iridescent - Short Film

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Shot over a three week period, at weekends and in the middle of a CoVid-19 lockdown. Finally we have edited, color-graded, audio-produced and finalised our little short. Here is a trailer to whet your apetites.

"Set in a colourful, chaotic suburban household comes the story of Elise, who has Tourette’s syndrome, but who has found freedom in her music. Brought up in a loving slightly kooky family, with a natural acceptance of all, Elise thrives within her home.

But school life has not been kind, often the butt of jokes in school for being different. Elise has had to battle her own demons and public opinion since she was 13. Now on her 21st Birthday she will come face to face with her secret Crush, Mr. Popular Aaron Clark. Can Elise ever believe he will see her for her? Or will he only see the tics?

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