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Andrea Becker is commander of Division 9 a counter-terrorism secret operations unit. After a failed mission in Ukraine that escalates from “extract” to “kill” and a covert drone attack by the CIA leaving one officer Rebecca Hart alive.

Whitehall is looking for answers, and heads will roll. But whom can you trust when Parliament is compromised? Division 9 has its own traitor; with ghosts from the past threatening to destroy London's political and physical landscape, with terrifying chemical bombs.


Andrea must fight to hold her unit together; she is Forced to use Hart who is reluctant and battle-scared, Murphy a rookie analyst and Vanessa Anderson an agent of Whitehall with her own agenda. Lives will be lost. The truth is violent.



*Winner of the Berlin Liftoff Audience Award*


Set in a colourful, chaotic suburban household comes the story of Elise, who has Tourette’s syndrome, but who has found freedom in her music. Brought up in a loving slightly kooky family, with a natural acceptance of all, Elise thrives within her home.

But school life has not been kind, often the butt of jokes in school for being different. Elise has had to battle her own demons and public opinion since she was 13. Now on her 21st Birthday, she will come face to face with her secret Crush, Mr Popular Aaron Clark. Can Elise ever believe he will see her for her? Or will he only see the tics? 


We are now looking at developing IRIDESCENT into a family TV series think OUTNUMBERED/MIRANDA that will appeal to a wide audience. Highlighting the highs and lows of teenage life, family chaos, and University dilemmas, all wrapped up in Elise's dreams of a musical future.


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Humanity has stopped listening and is stripping the Earth bare. Widow Clara is tending her orchard, unaware that her rotting fruit carries the first wave of mutated spores. 

Clara’s daughter, ambitious single mother Eve, works at a GM laboratory, but her ambition will unwittingly result in the escalated genetic breakdown. 

While Clara is babysitting her grandson, she is infected, triggering her body's systematic breakdown. James watches terrified as a new species of human evolves. 

The Earth has found a way to fight back. Humans will no longer be the dominant race. Nature will reclaim the earth, and our mutated genes will help secure our fate.




When a New Eugenics Scientist takes climate change into her own hands the result is an apocalyptic world secretly governed by AI.

While governments focus on wars and our energy crisis, humanity is devastated by a covert eugenics experiment. Cities and industrial powerhouses stand decaying like graves forgotten and overgrown, marking the passing of human civilisation. Deadly fungus spores are carried by fly swarms that target humans to become hosts; an unforeseen fallout of this secret experiment. Scientists are in the dark, believing this to be a global deadly pathogen attack. The religious believe this to be Armageddon, and others see this as nature reclaiming a world we were decimating. All are secretly monitored by a White Hacker AI, watchful of how humanity will learn to survive and evolve.

We follow key individuals within pockets of survivors as they struggle to stay alive; overcoming personal and external conflict, competing for dwindling resources, forging alliances and making their way to “Safe Zones”. Sofia Varvara is a victim of human trafficking whose body is mutating in response to the spores. Robert Morgan, a deserter army commander, searches for his abducted family. Knox, a scientist suffering from PTSD, searches for truth and a lost child James who may hold all the answers. A deluded man of God with a dark secret builds his own community. Unscrupulous mercenary, Chalky, is hell-bent on self-preservation whatever the cost.

Saviour GellerX-corp engineers a vaccine to combat the pathogenic spores but it conceals more than just a cure. For those already naturally immune and evolving this will increase the divide in their opposing species. AI Hacker rebels against its creator refusing to play God, instead allowing humanity to carve out its own future existence.


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